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Our Croydon Conveyancing Service

  • Complete Conveyancing
    We handle all the documentation, paperwork, 3rd party searches and correspondence. You don’t need to worry about any of it.
  • Buyers: s 32 and Contract Review
    Upon your request, our team will review your Section 32 and Contract of Sale of Real Estate. We highly recommend you get a document review completed to ensure all possible issues are highlighted. It’s best you know what you are getting yourself into, before signing any paperwork.
  • Sellers: Section 32 Vendor Statement and Contract Drafting
    We provide rock solid Contracts of Sale and Section 32 Vendor Statements. We follow all the best practices to ensure you are represented properly.
  • Fixed Pricing
    Our professional fee will always be the same as what we quoted you, even if your matter gets complicated.
  • You are our priority
    We take pride in our customer service and satisfaction. You can rest assured your property transaction is our priority and will be handled accordingly.

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Seller / Vendor Conveyancing

If you’re selling a property, you want to get through it quickly. The sooner you complete the conveyancing process, the sooner you get your money. As your representative, we’ll ensure that the contracts are all in order as efficiently as possible, and we’ll advise you on your rights and responsibilities. We handle all the correspondence, checklists and settlement for you. 

We’re here to make the conveyancing process simple for you.

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Buyer / Purchaser Conveyancing

If you are buying a house/property in Croydon, we want to protect your rights as a new property owner. We’ll review the contracts and ensure that there are no conditions that might be disadvantageous to you. We’ll also advise you about what clauses you should include to protect yourself as a buyer. 

We’ll make sure that the contract makes sense, and we’ll ensure that the sellers don’t get a dollar until meeting all agreed-upon conditions.

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